Case Study
“North Sky”

High Design Acoustic Baffles

North Sky Reception

Delivering visual magic is a core competency of the Customization and Engineering Team at Ayrsonics™ North America. “Nowhere is their craftsmanship more evident than in their recent work with the creative team at IBI Group: “The North Sky Project.”


Working closely with Designers from internationally recognized IBI Group, the team created a stunning reception space for Aon's global services firm. Located on the 20th floor of the trendy, downtown Manulife Place complex, Edmonton, Alberta, the office boasts panoramic views of the city that take full advantage of the vast prairie skyscape.

IBI’s vision was to create a series of custom-build, dramatic Ruby Red acoustic baffles resembling “fins” that appear to move through the reception areas’ glass walls into the heart of the elegant work environment. The visual impression would be spectacular, offering a series of organic flow and continuity to visitors and staff working the space.


“IBI's vision was to create a series of custom-built, dramatic Ruby Red acoustic baffles resembling "fins" that appear to move through the reception areas' glass walls into the heart of the elegant work environment.”

The Ayrsonics' Engineering team developed custom techniques to manage panel heights and designed innovative mounting systems that allowed the baffles to appear to emerge seamlessly from the ceiling. Spaced 8"-12" apart and without the encumbrances of traditional mounting hardware, the customized baffles would appear suspended, with light cascading gently between them. All accomplished without affecting the baffles structural rigidity or diminishing the sound absorption value of the ezoBord core.

With the baffles prototyped, tested, and approved, the Ayrsonics team collaborated with the McIntyre Group to tackle one of the most complex installations they have encountered in the past 35 years. A misplaced fin or misjudged angle would break the illusion of organic movement and lightness that the designer envisioned.


With an intricate pattern laid across the Aon environment floor, the team used a series of lasers to check and cross-check every baffle’s positioning before securing it. The process was painstakingly complex as innovation, technology, and human craftsmanship came together in a delicate balance.

The Results: A breathtaking installation that captures the undulations of the Northern Sky with a space that itself seems to float above the prairie below.


Designer: IBI Group

Rep: MilYu

General Contractor: Stuart Olsen

Supplier: Ayrsonics Dealer: Vertical Interiors

Installer: McIntyre Group