Case Study


Ezo on Ezo Custom Panels


BlueRock Therapeutics

The extension of BlueRock Therapeutics into Toronto was driven by its aspiration to become a central hub for product advancement and market establishment within Canada's biotechnology domain. Renowned globally for its prowess in regenerative medicine, the company's spatial necessities encompassed research laboratories, collaborative open work areas, dedicated meeting facilities, and ancillary spaces.


The Challenge

For BlueRock Therapeutics, it was important to establish a unique workspace that was not only high functioning but also a visual representation of their brand.  This envisioned workspace aimed to not only attract and retain highly skilled individuals but also cultivate and foster partnerships. They required an environment promoting BlueRock’s culture of innovation, collaboration and support for their cutting-edge work.


The Process:

To make this vision come alive, Ayrsonics was brought on board to create dramatic, one-of-a-kind custom wall panels that would tie the BlueRock space together across offices, conference rooms, and public thoroughfares. Coloured in an eye-catching colour-saturated Midnight Blue, the panels were manufactured specifically for the BlueRock space from Ayronics’s industry-leading acoustic solution EzoBord.

The Ayrsonics design and engineering team collaborated with the brilliant minds at B+H Architects to create Randomized perforations of Ezobord sheets which unified and multi-faceted the space to elevate the core values of BlueRock’s culture of curiosity, collaboration, and discovery.

With over 65 EzoBord sheets installed over 2 phases, this project was done seamlessly.

Made from 100 percent PET with a minimum of 50 percent recycled content, each EzoBord panel is fire tested to ASTM E-84 Class A and scientifically proven to have an NRC 0.75 sound absorption coefficient. This number means that the custom-installed panels absorb sound. Additionally, the entire project is eligible for LEED MR credits and BREEAM Health and Wellness ratings.

The Solution:

At the beginning of the project, success was outlined as: Transform the space into a dynamic hub for developing advanced treatments in regenerative medicine, display the company's culture and character, nurture strong teamwork within the organization leading to content employees, and play a vital role in establishing a thriving environment for stem cell therapy advancement in Toronto. Ayrsonics in collaboration with B+H Architects was able to do just that, Using its renowned Ezo on Ezo feature, Ayrsonics used the bubble pattern to bring the brand alive through its interior environment. The design  used was non repeating organic patterns to showcase innovation and creativity. With a smooth workflow between Ayrsonics, the GC and B+H architects Ayrsonics was able to achieve its desired result. The renovated laboratories have been occupied to high satisfaction from the client.


Designer: B+H Architects

General Contractor: Vestacon

Rep: D9 Studio

Installer: McIntyre Group