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 West Coast Headquarters for

United States Navy

United States West Coast Headquarters

Ayrsonics™ North America has always embraced the opportunity to collaborate on projects that change the look and feel of work globally. So, when specialty contractors Takeform and the JVA Art Group approached them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collaborate on a design project that would modernize the interior of the 373,000 square-foot Navy Building One in San Diego California, Ayrsonics embraced the chance to work on such an iconic project. Located on the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, the building is home to over 1,400 Navy staff and houses the Navy Region Southwest, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest, and Navy Region Southwest Reserve Component Command.



Ayrsonic’s task was to create a series of large-format acoustic-dampening art installations that would pay tribute to historic Naval achievements such as the Naval Air Station, the USS San Diego, and the USS Dolphin. As a key element of the décor revitalization, the dramatic installations would be a unique marriage of function and form, providing effective sound deadening while using intricate craftsmanship work to commemorate historic moments and local landmarks.


The result: fully customized ezo-on-ezo wall features located at key traffic points throughout the facility.

ezoBord’s premium 12mm material was chosen for both layers of the intricate design, creating a one-of-a-kind, inspirational acoustic relief features for each of the high-traffic areas of the seventeen-floor building. Each feature consisted of a series of 4’ by 9’ panels joined seamlessly to create a design carefully scaled to capture the full impact of the central image. Each panel required hours of intense focus since accuracy and precision were vital given the complex nature of the installation. Some features spanned almost 20’, while others included 90-degree angles where they joined with an adjacent hallway. It was imperative that each panel blend seamlessly with its neighboring panels to create the desired image properly.

As Takeform’s Jason Evers explains, this project showed again the power of the Ayrsonics team to work collaboratively with a variety of international partners: “The word team gets tossed around a lot these days,” he reflects, “but from the initial awarding of the Navy project to the final day of installation, this 18-month project has exemplified cross-company and cross-disciplinary teamwork.” The result is truly spectacular. With a proud history and promising future, the U.S. Navy can now boast a West Coast base that combines state-of-the-art sound dampening with an artistic vision that welcomes those who work and visit the building every day. Refreshed and modernized, the space shows off Ayrsonics’s skill in creating clean, modern lines that can convert any office, commercial, or public space into a workplace of distinction.


Designer: JVA Art Group

General Contractor: Takeform

Installer: EnvironmentsPlus

United States
West Coast
Navy Headquarters